11th May 2021

Tips for selling your home ... what's yours?

Even the most well-looked after property will show signs of wear and tear, but if you are looking to sell your property soon, here are some quick wins that will not cost too much to complete.

Clean up the exterior of your property

Now the better weather is coming you can look to clearing the exterior of your property. It's important to showcase your property to be well looked after, that you have taken pride in your property, that it is clean on the outside as well as the inside. Think about what your property will look like once it has been photographed, you will want it looking its best to attract potential buyers and remember first impressions matter and your property is your shop window to selling it. We have a great marketing package when featuring our properties for sale so it will be featured not only on our website and social media but on property portals such as Rightmove.

  • Tidy the garden up as much as possible, remove dead plants, clean up leaves from the winter months, brush pavements and weed the gardens. Even mowing the lawns can make a garden look 100 times better. Keep on top of the garden too as a majority of prospective buyers will always have a drive past before booking a viewing.
  • Clean the outside of your windows including window sills and the surrounds. Dirt will collect over the winter months and will be really visible on white window frames, remove cobwebs and clean the glass on the outside.
  • One of a number of important factors is to clean your front door, again removing cobwebs and dirt collected over the winter months. Polish ornate door knockers and letterboxes too. 

Clean up the interior of your property

Simple tasks such as a good declutter could make your home look bigger and at the same time, you can use this opportunity to be getting ready for the move to your next home. Think along the lines of ‘do you actually need it?'. Deep cleaning as you go along will give your home a fresh smell which instantly becomes appealing to buyers. Use a fresh-smelling scented cleaning solution that gives that feeling of fresh and clean.

  • Ensure the features in the property that attracted you to it are visible, for example, was it the feature fireplaces that you liked in the rooms in the upstairs bedrooms? Polish them up, remove clutter from around the fireplaces and make them a feature again to attract a new buyer. Make them noticeable and bring them to life again.
  • Make it less personal to you, people like to imagine how their possessions could look in a new property so less can be more in this instance.
  • Hanging mirrors in small rooms to attract light is always a good trick and it adds to the illusion of space.
  • Clean each room as much as possible, light fittings that have attracted dust, clean around the windows and clean the interior windows, clean mirrors so that light is attracted.
  • Tiles in the bathroom can be a turn-off if the grout has gone moldy. Try to look to fix the grout as this is a quick fix and will be a quick win to freshening your bathroom up, especially around the sink, bath, and shower areas.
  • If some rooms like the hallway or the stairs or even a children’s playroom have tired walls, give the walls a fresh coat of paint and use a neutral colour if possible.

The list of what you can do is endless to attract buyers but if you are limited by the budget you have as well as time doing just the minor things like the outside and putting away personal items and clearing away clutter can be a winner too.

If you are looking to sell your property or just curious about the valuation of your home get in touch with Richard or Simon who will be able to talk you through how we value your home in today's marketing and then how we also market your property to prospective buyers that we have waiting.

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