11th October 2021

How can drones help to sell Cheshire properties?

When listing your Cheshire home in a competitive, high-demand property market, unique presentation and the highest quality marketing is critical.

The advancements in property marketing over recent years has seen an emphasis on interactivity. The COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in demand for 360-degree walkthroughs or video tours, with physical viewings unable to be conducted for lengthy periods of time. 

Of course, photography still plays a substantial part in marketing your Cheshire home for sale or let. As mobile phones and their respective cameras have continued to grow in technological capabilities year on year, there are a number of agents who take the time-saving route of arriving at the property and capturing images on their phones. 

Whilst the capabilities of modern mobile phone cameras is now astonishing, they still aren't as silk smooth with crisp image resolution as that of high-end photographic equipment. Marketing a property is more than a point-and-click exercise, and only the agents who take intricate care to best present your property have your interests and the value of your property truly at heart.

There is of course, another notable advancement when it comes to property marketing. Interestingly, the property sector was one of the first locations for drone usage to become integrated for commercial purposes. Whilst considered a more premium feature, particularly with the skill and legislation required to safely operate drones, it has proven to command a number of benefits for homeowners, landowners and developers.

For larger properties with their own land, it conveys the exact placement that really isn't achievable through traditional photography, no matter how expensive the traditional DSLR camera is or how wide-angled a lens is. When selling houses upwards of half a million into the million pounds and above bracket with vast quantities of land, it is important to maximise this land space and highlight the potential. 

There are instances where the land is far more substantial than the property itself, particularly if there is planning permission for extensions or developments in hand. In these cases, you may wish to look at highlighting the land more than the property, and using a drone is the best way to truly capture the scale of the plot with the size of the property if applicable.

Larger properties with prestigious grounds aren't the only homes that can benefit from external drone usage. Smaller terraces and semi-detached properties in semi-rural areas can also maximise the unique perspective delivered by aerial footage. 

In this video of a terrace property we sold on Ashley Road, Hale, we were able to end it with a transfer of a walkthrough into a drone flying away from the master bedroom's balcony. Whilst terrace properties are traditionally frequent stock on the market, capturing different and radically elevated angles using a drone helps for the property to stand out on the portals. Most agents will typically use a low angle shot of terraced properties, so using a drone can make all the difference in generating further clicks, leads and ultimately viewings. This especially helps to capture the sense of height in terrace properties which span three to four stories, which aren't as common.

With the property market in remarkable levels of demand, it has never been more important than ever to ensure your property stands out from the competition. Whilst presentation is crucial to fully allow your prospective buyer to envision themselves creating the next chapter of their lives there, you need to attract their attention first. The use of drone videos and photography in property marketing whilst uncommon, has proven to be a valuable asset to any property on the market. 

With Meller Braggins well-versed experience in drone photography and aerial footage, using a trusted and licensed drone operator, we are ideally placed to have your property shine on the property market. Best of all? There are no additional costs. For more information on how to maximise the exposure of your property on the market, whether you are thinking of selling in time to come, or are currently on the market and struggling at the moment, then Richard and Simon will be more than happy to help you. You can give them a call on 01565 656544.

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