25th May 2021

Top 10 Energy Saving Tips from Meller Braggins

Our utility bills become a lot less in the spring and summer months and we begin to forget about the basic process of energy saving, but then when the first bill of the winter drops on the doormat you could have a nasty shock of the amount you are expected to pay.

We have put together some little changes that can be made that will help to make those energy savings. Saving energy from recycling to switching off lights, taking the TV off standby mode of an evening will contribute to reducing our energy bills.

In England alone, we recycle around 44% of our waste with the government setting a target for England to be recycling at least 50% of all household waste.

Most energy and recycling measures are common sense and most of us are doing our best efforts each week to select the right bins for the right waste.

Here are some of the ways in which you can help to reduce your bills and make energy savings:

  1. Loft insulation: dependant on the criteria there are energy-saving government grants for loft insulations. Having loft insulation can save as much as £225 per year on a typical detached property. It is a familiar energy-saving measure with government grants available for the cost of the work. The independent Energy Saving Trust estimates that, in a typical detached house, loft insulation will save £225 a year.
  2. Boilers: the older the boiler gets the more inefficient it can become. Recommendations are to have your boiler serviced each year to keep it in tip-top condition and as they get older it will need to be replaced with a more energy-efficient model. Heating your home accounts for around 60% of what you will spend in one year on household bills and a new boiler that is more energy-efficient will save around £315 per year.
  3. Double-glazing: From single glazing to double glazing will save you far more energy. Today’s style of double glazed windows is far more eye-catching and styled to fit with properties. There are always deals to be had with double glazing so make sure you shop around to get the best deal.
  4. Solar panels: The upfront costs of installation can be expensive but well worth it if you expect to be living in your property long-term. Solar panels have not been as popular as expected but a great option if you live somewhere where there is a fair amount of sun.
  5. Cavity walls: Many who have their loft insulated forget to do the same with cavity walls. Most homes that were built between 1920 and 1990 have a gap between the internal and external walls. By filling the cavity wall with insulating mineral wool and foam will keep cold air out and can save on £255per year.
  6. Light bulbs: Start to replace your light bulbs with LED (light-emitting diodes) bulbs. They are eco-friendly as well as energy-efficient and should be able to make savings of up to £35 per year.
  7. Thermostats: For many of us we will just turn the thermostat up to switch the heating on and using the trial and error method to find the happy temperature. But did you know by turning your thermostat down by 1 degree could save up to £80 a year.
  8. Underfloor heating: New build properties now tend to have underfloor heating as standard and it can be a good investment to upgrade older properties to underfloor heating.
  9. Monitoring electricity usage: Utility providers can provide meter readers that will show real-time usage. It is surprising to see how fast the cost increases when all utilities are being used for example when you are cooking in the evening – so that would be the oven on, cooker hob, electricity for the heating, lights, etc. Remember to save on electricity turn off lights when not being used and a mistake we all will do is to turn off the plug socket and remove the plug when you remove your phone from the charger lead. Just removing your phone from the lead will not stop the charger from continuing to charge.
  10. Radiators: make the best use of space and replace old radiators with new vertical designs and place them in user-friendly spaces. If a radiator is under a window or behind a sofa it is wasting energy!


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